Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism (MWCT) Structures

Name: Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism


Location of MWCT: Jebel Lemon, east of Gumbo Sherikat, Garbo, Mongalla, South Sudan



The Ministry comprises four directorates:

  • Office of the Hon Minister
  • The Undersecretary
  • Major Directorates of MWCT:
  • Administration and Finance
  • Wildlife conservation
  • Tourism
  • Planning

Each of these sectors has sub-divisions, e.g. the wildlife conservation (the South Sudan Wildlife Service) led by a Director General, has the following units:

  • Administration and finance
  • Protected areas and wildlife management
  • Law enforcement
  • Training
  • Education and awareness

Each of these sections has a number of specialized directorates.

Directorate of Tourism:

  • Tourism
  • Hotels
  • Tourism Marketing
  • Planning

Directorate of Planning:

  • Planning
    • Budgeting
    • Research

Vision: an effective and professional Wildlife Service to promote a vibrant tourism industry.

Mission: To protect, conserve and propagate the wildlife resources to support the development needs of South Sudan and the cultural, economic, and social wellbeing of its people.

Protected Areas of South Sudan:

  1. Six National Parks (Southern National Park, Nimule, Boma, Badingilo, Shambe and Lantoto)
  2. 12 Game reserves:

Ashana, Bangangai, Bire Kpatuo, Boro, Chelkou, Fanyikang, Juba, Kidepo, Mushra, Numatina, Zeraf.

Major wildlife species:

Most of the Large African mammalian species are represented in South Sudan including the big five, cheetah, Nile lechwe, Giant eland (Derby eland), giraffe, pangolin, etc. photos will be contributed here.

Wildlife migrations: The White-eared kob and tiang – form two of the four major antelope migrations in the world (a short species account will be posted).

The big five: elephant, northern white rhino, buffalo, lion, leopard

Wetlands: more information to be supplied

Terrestrial habitats: same as above

Tourism attraction sites:

Wildlife rangers Patrolling Nimule National Park

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