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Lt.Gen. Charles Yosam Acire

Brief Profile of Lt.Gen. Charles Yosam Acire

Brief Profile and (CV):

Name: Lt. Gen. Charles Yosam Acire

Position: Technical Advisor, MWC&T

Hon. Charles Yosam Acire a graduate from the college of African Wildlife Management College in the Republic of Tanzania.

Soon after his graduation from the college, he joined the then game department in Uganda. In 1972 he

was requested by late Hon. Isaiah Kulang Mabior, the former Director of Wildlife. On his reture he was

appointed as a senior Wildlife Officer. He was then assigned to train all the integrated Anyanya one into

Wildlife service on preliminary Wildlife management and law enforcement.

Hon. Acire finally served as the undersecretary of the Ministry from 2011-2017 before his assignment as

the technical advisor of the Ministry.

Above all it is worth mentioning, Hon. Acire has served in various capacities in different parts of the

Republic of South Sudan in the management and protection of Wildlife. He is a well experienced Wildlife


Hon. Acire is the current Technical Advisor to the Minister of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism

appointed by H.E. the President of the Republic of South Sudan.

His major role is to advise the Hon. Minister of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism on Technical issues

pertaining to:-

a) To advise on the general administration of Wildlife and Tourism management in the Country

b) To advice the minister to ensure that there are better Laws, regulations for the protection and

management of Wildlife to the standard of the current international conventions.

c) To advise the same on the management and development of Tourism to the level of the current

international standard or status.

d) To advise on better work plan for both Wildlife and Tourism sectors for better management and


e) To advise on the enforcement of discipline in order to restore better performances.

f) To advise on better management and utilization of finances as stipulated in the approved budget.

g) To advise the minister on proper management and development of Tourism.

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